E-Detailing CRM

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Pharma Sales Force - Re-engineered!

Intuitive E-Detailing platform to achieve your marketing goals, empower your sales team, and delight your customers.



• Cloud based system
• 100% offline capability
• Dynamic and animated content
• Built-in Business Intelligence tool with Integrated Automated Reporting
• Saves printing cost
• Automation of Salesforce Planning
• Greater reach and interaction frequency
• Greater depth and speed of information
• Powerful salesforce performance tracking


1. E-Detailing Analytics & Reports

1. All major reports covering reps performance, doctor feedback, manager joint calls, daily attendance reports together with sales integration
2. Live on-field reports of Medical Reps Activities including Location Capturing
3. Hierarchy based dashboard with customizable graphs and tables
4. Easily download reports on excel format
5. Supports integration with databases

2. DT E-Detailing Application

1. Advanced & Impactful brand content for doctors
2. Supports surveys, customized calls, HCP feedback recording, with offline functionality
3. Allow medical-rep to show Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos
4. Attendance marking feature right on the application
5. Geo-tagging functionality with every call made by medical rep
6. One click sync feature do download & report content and calls respectively

3. Monthly Call Planner

1. Brick wise call planning module on cloud with Dashboard & Reports
2. Hierarchy wise call plan submission levels including Rep, ASM, SM, SSM, & BM
3. Accommodate unplanned calls. Drag & drop features to easily move doctors and bricks as per the change in plan

4. Content Management System

1. Centralized hub to manage and push content to sales force teams
2. Sales force & doctor data management
3. E-Detail Aid Management

5. Expense & Sample Management

1. Track RSM expenses with ease
2. Automated inventory management process