Pharma Pocket DCR

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Pharma Pocket DCR introduces a single interface operation for all your daily call reporting needs. You can easily manage CP attendance and access doctor’s data. It empowers medical sales reps to detail without internet and later sync all their recorded calls. Pharma Pocket DCR also offers a geo-tagging feature for location capturing purpose.


Features of Pharma Pocket DCR

• Capture accurate MSR location through geo-tagging
• Gain insights on the duration and key people present
• Verified Calls highlights by the system
• Customizable reports for MSRs, Managers to track their KPIs
• Consolidated information system through CRM to generate analytical insights
• Pleasant,easy to use GUI making Pharma Pocket DCR user friendly
• Gather all the DCR data through the use of smartphone.

SMS DCR System

Accuracy of MSR location is questionable no insights over the duration of

call management left with limited insights Data gathered through current SMS based systems is limited in terms of accuracy Message composing is cumbersome Message transmission is error prone due to technology limited.