Webinar Conference

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A cloud based WEBINAR application built specifically for the Healthcare industry.


Medical Webinar functionality

• Multiple Live Video Presenters facility
• Show PowerPoint Slides, Images or pdf files while being in Live Presenter window
• Screen sharing of your desktop
• Upload pre-recorded videos
• Restrict your webinars via Password
• Limit who can join via a registration link
• Take Questions raise hand button for discrete question)
• Open Chat box (for public conversation between online viewers)
• Upload document as a reference for your viewers to download
• Receive a question or feedback via email

Medical Meetings: Standard Features

• Up to 6 Video participants can join at one time whereas each participant can click to enlarge a particular video window
• Share Slides, Images and pdf files (uploaded files)
• Share your desktop screen (slides or videos)
• Multi-color drawing tool with erase button to draw on slides
• User "Projector View" button to display the meeting on a large clear screen (Auditorium setting)
• Send invitations to other users of our service to become Contacts for instant meeting, messaging or file transfer service
• Invite for Video Meeting those who do not have an account on the service or not your contacts. Control their audio or video inputs while hosting the meeting.
• Project your logo to other's screens while being a meeting host to highlight your brand