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Edetaiing Is The Next Level Marketing

The new marketing buzz word is edetailing, part of the digital revolution in healthcare that sprang out of need to innovate the declining pharma industry marketing outcomes. Market leaders were facing stiff challenges in maintaining their ‘me-first’ supremacy. On the other hand, the followers were reducing their profit margins to survive in the growing market. Traditional marketing was increasing with decreasing outcomes.

Innovation demanded a technological solution which could reduce cost, improve results in marketing strategies and ensure market sustainability. Enter edetailing, one of the most effective toys in technological innovation for pharma industry. Among the other tools, edetailing finally broke the barrier that left a little something to be desired by the provider when it came to pharma detailing. Research provides evidence of the superior brand recall and retention among providers who have been given detailing sessions on digital interfaces.


This could be due to the changes in the reading preferences among doctors too. Doctors now more than ever use internet as the key resource for their researches. This preference for the most up to date information extends to products including pharmaceutical drugs. Edetailing provides the sales rep and pharmaceutical industry the opportunity to update research data in real time, thus aiding the doctor in his information research.

The use of edetailing however, requires proper communication and digital strategy. Edetailing gives best results when used with a combination of other digital products and solutions. The investment may seem large initially, however, the dividends are well able to cover them.