E-Detailing CRM

Pharma Sales Force - Re-engineered!

Intuitive E-Detailing platform to achieve your marketing goals, empower your sales team, and delight your customers.

• Cloud based system
• 100% offline capability
• Dynamic and animated content
• Built-in Business Intelligence tool with Integrated Automated Reporting
• Saves printing cost
• Automation of Salesforce Planning
• Greater reach and interaction frequency
• Greater depth and speed of information
• Powerful salesforce performance tracking


1. Monthly Call Planner

1. Brick wise call planning module on cloud with Dashboard & Reports
2. Hierarchy wise call plan submission levels including Rep, ASM, SM, SSM, & BM
3. Accommodate unplanned calls. Drag & drop features to easily move doctors and bricks as per the change in plan

2. E-Detailing Analytics & Reports

1. All major reports covering reps performance, doctor feedback, manager joint calls, daily attendance reports together with sales integration
2. Live on-field reports of Medical Reps Activities including Location Capturing
3. Hierarchy based dashboard with customizable graphs and tables
4. Easily download reports on excel format
5. Supports integration with databases

3. DT E-Detailing Application

1. Advanced & Impactful brand content for doctors
2. Supports surveys, customized calls, HCP feedback recording, with offline functionality
3. Allow medical-rep to show Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos
4. Attendance marking feature right on the application
5. Geo-tagging functionality with every call made by medical rep
6. One click sync feature do download & report content and calls respectively

4. Content Management System

1. Centralized hub to manage and push content to sales force teams
2. Sales force & doctor data management
3. E-Detail Aid Management

5. Expense & Sample Management

1. Track RSM expenses with ease
2. Automated inventory management process


Veeva Content Development

Digitrends as VEEVA Partners

Digitrends is the official partners of VEEVA, to develop content on its platform. VEEVA provides a runtime environment which enable medical sales team to show e-Detail Aid presentations, which are both animated and interactive and captures more HCP attention as compared to the conventional paper literature for detailing purpose.

Currently, Digitrends is facilitating Novartis and GSK in content designing and development for brands like Augmentin, Cosentyx, Nevanac and more.


IQVIA Content Development

Digitrends- An IQVIA Certified Agency

Digitrends e-Detailing Team is now IQVIA certified to develop e-content for Multinational Pharmaceuticals. Team DT had the honor to work on some of Sanofi’s trademark brands including Enterogermina, Toujeo, and NO-SPA.

From complex animations to real time surveys, Digitrends expert team have the capabilities to create immersive brand content to excite HCPs.

Some recent IQVIA campaigns done by Digitrends are:

1. Enterogermina EDA for Sanofi
2. Lantus localization
3. Tritace


Pharma Pocket DCR

Pharma Pocket DCR introduces a single interface operation for all your daily call reporting needs. You can easily manage CP attendance and access doctor’s data. It empowers medical sales reps to detail without internet and later sync all their recorded calls. Pharma Pocket DCR also offers a geo-tagging feature for location capturing purpose.

Features of Pharma Pocket DCR

• Capture accurate MSR location through geo-tagging
• Gain insights on the duration and key people present
• Verified Calls highlights by the system
• Customizable reports for MSRs, Managers to track their KPIs
• Consolidated information system through CRM to generate analytical insights
• Pleasant,easy to use GUI making Pharma Pocket DCR user friendly
• Gather all the DCR data through the use of smartphone.

SMS DCR System

Accuracy of MSR location is questionable no insights over the duration of call management left with limited insights Data gathered through current SMS based systems is limited in terms of accuracy Message composing is cumbersome Message transmission is error prone due to technology limited.


Webinar Conference

A cloud based WEBINAR application built specifically for the Healthcare industry.

Medical Webinar functionality

• Multiple Live Video Presenters facility
• Show PowerPoint Slides, Images or pdf files while being in Live Presenter window
• Screen sharing of your desktop
• Upload pre-recorded videos
• Restrict your webinars via Password
• Limit who can join via a registration link
• Take Questions raise hand button for discrete question)
• Open Chat box (for public conversation between online viewers)
• Upload document as a reference for your viewers to download
• Receive a question or feedback via email

Medical Meetings: Standard Features

• Up to 6 Video participants can join at one time whereas each participant can click to enlarge a particular video window
• Share Slides, Images and pdf files (uploaded files)
• Share your desktop screen (slides or videos)
• Multi-color drawing tool with erase button to draw on slides
• User "Projector View" button to display the meeting on a large clear screen (Auditorium setting)
• Send invitations to other users of our service to become Contacts for instant meeting, messaging or file transfer service
• Invite for Video Meeting those who do not have an account on the service or not your contacts. Control their audio or video inputs while hosting the meeting.
• Project your logo to other's screens while being a meeting host to highlight your brand


Augmented Reality Apps

Achieve higher accuracy and effectiveness in your healthcare offerings with AR & VR solutions today

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Some of the advantages of augmented reality in HCPs engagement are:

• HCPs can visualize the pathology/effect of the medicine
• A multi-sensory experience has been shown to be more effective in transmitting information
• Patients and family members can see how a potential disease would impact them in their natural surroundings e.g. testing their vision at home
• Drug administration method can be simplified through AR

Using AR technology-based apps, HCPs can scan packaging or printed materials to discover the drug’s benefits and mode of action. For instance, patients will be able to access the drug’s description by just scanning it.

“Virtual Reality represents the highest form of learning, essentially because you are immersed in the task and actually doing it.”


HCP Portal

HCP PORTAL (Multi Channel Health Care portal for HCPs and Patients)

Easy Essential Access for HCPs

Multi-channel HCP Portal will seamlessly integrate with your CRM and boost the pharma-physician relationship to new heights. HCP portal is a powerful tool that will surpass all mediums in terms of effectiveness as information delivered goes beyond that delivered by rep

Features of HCP Portal

• Latest medical content through RSS feeds
• Doctor community
• Data of multiple therapeutic areas available
• Remote Detailing
• Interactive knowledge based quizzes for HCPs
• Push notifications to send personal notifications to desired doctors/doctor
• Disease or Health related articles for Consumers

Medical Router

MCM ready content up-dated automatically

Finding authentic and relevant content is challenging but also supremely important as engagement with HCPs is a prime metric. With our new Medical router you can now, create an informational website for HCPs or integrate it. with an existing portal to get updates from latest medical feeds, clinical trials, researches, video, podcasts, and news about the particular specialty from renowned medical sources.

Key Features:

• Medical Journals
• Latest Medical Events
• Video Library
• Daily updates
• CME Resources
• Clinical Trials
• Articles


Mobile App Development

• Effectively sponsoring or managing conferences for your HCPs.
• Provide Conference details and empower customised agenda
• Facilitate active interaction between participants
• Capture and share live moments through Live Gallery
• Capture HCP data, which can be utilized for further engagement post conference
• Enable post-conference connectivity in the form of videos and instant messaging

Sharing Conference Knowledge

• Link to external website for survey/YouTube channel etc.
• About the Conference
• Organizing Committee
• Speakers’ Profile
• Accommodation details
• Venue details
• Video Messages

Creating Interaction amongst Participants

• Personalized Agenda
• Networking (Chat)
• Online Registration
• Abstract Submission
• Live Gallery
• Live Poll
• Ask A moderator


Digital Consulting Service


• Production design
• Copy-editing
• Project management
• Voice-over talent & production
• Quality assurance
• Delivery


• Transcreation & copywriting
• Technical and functional translation
• Cross-cultural name & concept testing
• Multilingual DTP, layout & production
• Multilingual process & technology consulting


• Digital project management
• Online banners including rich media
• Programmatic
• Microsites & landing pages
• Social
• Mobile
• QA, usability testing and support


• Off- & online editing in any format
• Graphics & motion graphics
• 3D design
• Visual effects
• Audio solutions
• Digital color grading
• Encoding into all digital formats


• Webinars & VTCs
• Collaboration & document sharing
• Campaign automation
• Online review, mark-up & approvals
• Digital asset management
• Reporting & Anayltics
• Distribution management
• Social


• EDAs
• Campaign Designing
• Medical Literatures
• Veeva
• Website
• Articles


Remotely Accessible HealthCare

Prime objective of this project is to enable healthcare providers to do remote patient. The monitoring (in real time) and to engage patients in their healthcare experience. Remote patient monitoring will be carried out by special devices (that patient will keep with them at their homes). These devices will push the observations to the system and enable medical staff to do monitoring and respond to abnormal conditions. Patient engagement is enabled by allowing patients to track their own health indicators (recorded by the devices), by maintaining their own health information, and by providing them with relevant education material. Another important aspect of the system is to provide users with telemedicine facility so that physicians’ consultation can be provided remotely. The system will provide a web based user interface as well as mobile applications for both type of users (medical staff and patients).


Learning Management System


• Comprehensive Cloud based learning platform training for your medical reps to facilitate continual Professional Development (eCPD)
• Gain knowledge on therapeutic areas to better interact with HCPs
• Engages the rep through audio, video, animation, text and self-examination questions.
• A SCORM based tool that ensures compliance and tracking of learning process for educators as well as learners


• A responsive easy to use tool accessible on all devices including laptop, tablets and mobile
• Dashboard to view team Progress and active Users in one snapshot
• Detailed reports to view lesson and quiz participation MSRs
• Calendar based Course and Quiz Management with notification alerts
• Convenient file management and simple text editor to build courses and quizzes
• User role management for different hierarchical levels to ensure security


Medical Content Writing

Content Strategy

HCP engagement:

Our team of in-house medically trained content writers identify with what HCPs want and accordingly produce HCP driven content that captures their attention and delivers the message.
What we do on Medical Content Writing projects:

- Quick-read articles for busy doctors
- Latest usage Research updates
- Curated Case studies
- Adaptations

Consumer engagement:

We help pharmaceutical companies achieve their communications goals by planning, creating and distributing content that inspires their audience to take action. What we do on consumer awareness projects:

- Design content strategy – Starting with your objectives, we create a content plan, devise a roadmap for all initiatives across all channels to drive measurable results
- Content creation - publishing relevant and engaging content related to brand or a therapeutic area
- Content Distribution: Social media management, Emails, Blogs


Digitrends Medical router

Specialty based medical content through RSS

MCM ready content up-dated automatically

Finding authentic and relevant content is challenging but also supremely important as engagement with HCPs is a prime metric. With our new Medical router you can now, create an informational website for HCPs or integrate it with an existing portal to get updates from latest medical feeds, clinical trials, researches, video, podcasts, and news about the particular specialty from renowned medical sources.

Featured client: Novartis

Key Features:
- Specialty based content from renowned medical sources

• Medical Journals
• Latest Medical Events
• Video Library
• Daily updates
• CME Resources
• Clinical Trials
• Articles